POS Cardboard Displays

Everything you need to know about POS Cardboard displays:

Need a cardboard floor shelf, a shelf display, an eye-catching promotional basket or a pallet zone? Our team of experts and creatives will design a bespoke promotional product that will suit your requirements and needs.

From the idea to the design and structure to the placement of the POS cardboard displays, we take care of all these developmental stages.

In our more than 20 years of experience, we are driven by creativity and innovation. That is why you can look forward to the following benefits:

Firstly, dominating any retail space:

Improve the visibility of any product, brand, and/or advertising campaign through unique design and construction.

Modern visual aesthetics and innovative non-standard designs improve customer engagement and retention rates.

Secondly, individualising your branded product:

Tailored in design and structure to the brand identity, as well as the most important product aspects and campaign objectives.

Available in various shapes and sizes and effectively enhance the promotional activities.

Characterised by a modern design that highlights every product in the sales area.

Thirdly, experiencing quick and easy assembly and transportation:

Extremely mobile and quickly and easily assembled and set up in any retail environment in a matter of seconds.

Our in-house end-to-end services also include distribution and placement, which insures a smooth process for our customers.

In addition, you can add more interactive functions:

Include embedded devices that enhance customer engagement.

These embedded devices can include voice or lighting effects, specific smells, etc., all tailored to the features of the product and/or campaign.

Finally, feel safe knowing, these displays are durable:

Built from hardy and durable cardboard.

Each one is insured by a multi year durability guarantee.

The advertising material will last a long time and could be reused.

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