POS Cardboard Displays

What are cardboard POS displays

Cardboard POS displays are the optimal solution for any retail space. Built from tuff corrugated cardboard they have a guarantee of 1 year. By far the easiest to transport and place displays, making them no stranger to successful use by dozens of retailors.

Cardboard displays are something that our team has been creating for more than two decades. We proudly state that there is no better company in the balkans that produces and sells cardboard displays like we do.

Characteristics of cardboard displays.

Built in many different forms such as:cardboard floor shelfs, display shelfs, eye-catching promotional baskets or pallet zones for any retail market. 

Constructed using green corrugated cardboard that is eventually easily reused and recycled after the life of the display is over. Cardboard POS Displays prevent the carbon footprint.

Uses for these types of displays.

Improving the visibility of any product, brand, and/or advertising campaign through a unique for the brand design and construction.This makes every single cardboard display a well built machine for enticing any retailer’s customers.

Cardboard POS displays find their use in any retail environment from the largest supermarkets to the smallest corner shops. Commonly bought by pharmacies and book stores for better sales rates.

Furthermore, displays are used to promote many kinds of products. Food, drinks, cosmetics, alcohol and pet food are only to name a few. They are usually less used in the clothing industry as it has little use for reusable shelves.

Cardboard POS displays compared to other displays.

Firstly, extremely mobile and quickly and easily assembled and set up in a matter of seconds. Not only due to the simple to build parts, but also because we include instructional guides on how to build every display.

Secondly, the included embedded devices that enhance customer engagement.These embedded devices can include voice or lighting effects, specific smells, etc., all tailored to the features of the product and/or campaign.

Lastly, always built from hardy and durable cardboard. Each one is insured by a multi year durability guarantee. The advertising material will last a long time and will have future uses.

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