Round Pallet Structure

Round Pallet Structure

Crafted from corrugated cardboard of the highest market quality, the Round Pallet Structure redefines storage advertising solutions by seamlessly blending sustainability, functionality, and eye-catching design all in one. The Pallet zone is an outstanding and highly effective promotional tool, guaranteed to improve brand awareness and product invisibility and significantly boost sales. 

The Round Pallet Structure is a designated area within a retail or storage space specifically made to accommodate and showcase products placed on pallets. This zone serves as a strategic placement of goods, often in bulk quantities, that attracts customers and makes the handling of products significantly more efficient.

Key Features of Round Pallet Structure
Can accommodate a wide variety of designs, with or without shelves, full print options
Optional header for enhanced branding effort
Suitable for placement in busy areas
Can accommodate the selling of multiple products
Ideal for product launches, seasonal promotions, and advertising campaigns of any kind 

Sustainability: Align your storage practices with a sustainable agenda without compromising the strength or durability of the POS material. The use of recyclable materials contributes to green practices and environmentally responsible manufacturing. 

Durability: Despite their lightweight composition, our cardboard Pallet Wrap have exceptional strength and durability. The structure gives robust support to various types of goods over extended periods of time. 

Design: Round Pallet Structure can be easily customized to your specific needs and preferences in terms of size, shape, and design. The design can include branding elements, such as logos, slogans, etc., as well as personalized messages. 

Construction: Our cardboard Round Pallet Structure come in various shapes and sizes – they are adaptable to many different storage and retail spaces. Whether dealing with bulk quantities or uniquely shaped products, it can be tailored to fit your specific requirements. They are highly flexible advertising tools with a wide variety of stacking and storage options.

Quick and easy assembly and disassembly: Round Pallet Structures are easy and quick to assemble and disassemble, allowing retailers to set up and rearrange them in an efficient and hassle-free way.

Improving product visibility in a unique way: Round Pallet Structure can be strategically positioned in any retail space, allowing for an effective way to showcase and sell any product while fully engaging customers. 

Improving brand awareness and boosting sales: Round Pallet Structure improve product visibility, brand awareness, engagement of target customer audiences, and sales.


Size 120cm x 80cm or Individual
Material Corrugated Cardboard or 

Laminated Corrugated Board (PVC)

Digital Print 4C CMYK + Pantone
Finishing Touches High-Gloss or Matt
Additional Materials Either None or Using Fastening Screws
Packaging Flat Pack
Way Of Unloading Upon The Customer’s Request
Sample 1–2 Working Days
Production Time 5–7 Working Days
Delivery To Submitted Address


pallete-zone-purple right view
pallete-zone-purple central view
pallete-zone-purple left view
Model name
Round Pallet Structures
corrugated cardboard
Load capacity
300 kg
80L x 60W x 80H
no lighting
purple & green
no sound
Additional Product Information
Digital Print
4C CMYK + Pantone
Flat Pack
Finishing Touches
High-Gloss or Matt
1–2 Working Days
Production Time
10-15 working days
To Submitted Address

It is designed to make your products stand out and improve the shopping experience.

No, the round pallet structure can be crafted with a grid and/or a pad, which will give you the opportunity to place your products individually.

Yes, it can be custom-made.  We have an experienced research and development team responsible for delivering the best solution for every brand, suitable for both modern and traditional trade.

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