DisplayBG Invests in Eco-Friendly Printing and Responsible Energy Consumption

Tsvetelin Ganchovski
Tsvetelin Ganchovski
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Consumers are smarter than ever before and companies need to invest in sustainable practices as much as possible. At DisplayBG, we are focused on implementing environmentally friendly processes, promoting energy and resource efficiency, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in all stages of production, design, and manufacturing. Here’s why the latest addition to our innovative selection of high-quality printing machines – the Hanway Revo2500W digital corrugated press – is the future of green advertising. Also known as the KGT-2500A scanning digital press, this machine is a game changer in the world of digital printing. 

Exceptional print quality and speed

One of the standout features of Revo2500W is its use of the Epson I3200-A1 inkjet printhead, which delivers a basic accuracy of 600 dpi. This level of precision is crucial when working with corrugated cardboard. With a maximum print width of 2,500mm and a remarkable print speed of up to 700m2 per hour, this machine works with a variety of corrugated materials including yellow and white cattle board, honeycomb board, wrapping paper, and kraft paper.

Green ink and no harmful chemicals 

The Revo2500W uses high-quality digital inks (dye and pigment waterproof inks) which provide exceptional coverage while being non-carcinogenic. They are extremely environmentally friendly as they reduce damage while providing high-quality prints. Unlike the solvent-based inks used in traditional printing, water-based inks release significantly less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. This means less air pollution and a safer, cleaner work environment.

Less energy 

Thanks to its innovative digital inkjet technology, the Revo2500W uses significantly less energy than traditional printing presses. With its remarkable printing speed of up to 700 square meters per hour, this machine takes less time to complete print jobs. This means fewer emissions and less waste, contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet. In an age where energy conservation is paramount, DisplayBG is setting a new standard for responsible energy use in Bulgaria.

Minimal waste 

Unlike other printing systems that emit significant amounts of flexo waste and wastewater, the Revo2500W uses a clean and efficient 4-color inkjet printing process. 

Conservation of natural resources

Traditional printing often requires the production of flexographic plates and other resource-intensive materials. In contrast, using inkjet technology reduces the need for these resources, helping to conserve materials and minimize waste. 

Reduced costs and labor

The Revo2500W bypasses a labor-intensive setup and operations associated with traditional systems. It simplifies the process through plate-making techniques and computer palette printing, offering on-demand printing, saving time, and reducing labor requirements. This saves time, reduces labor intensity, and increases efficiency.


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