We’re at the forefront of technology trends in the POS advertising solutions, and we’re dedicated to offering the highest quality products and services. With two decades of experience, we have continually evolved, improved, and embraced new technologies and ideas to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. 

They can be easily customized to your specific needs and preferences in terms of size, and shape. The design can include branding elements, such as logos, slogans, etc., as well as personalized messages. 

They offer a wide range of opportunities for customization in terms of shape, size, and design. Brands can tailor the display to their identity and promotional efforts. 

They are sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for showcasing of products in various retail settings. These displays can be designed and manufactured in various shapes and sizes, allowing for unique brand and/or product presentation in any retail space.

Crafted from sustainably sourced or reclaimed wood, aligning with environmentally conscious practices. The design of wooden displays can include all kinds of branding elements such as logos, slogans, etc. Signage can be added directly to the display as well.

Commonly used plastics for recyclable displays include PET (polyethylene terephthalate), HDPE (high-density polyethylene), and other recyclable thermoplastics. Recyclable plastic displays are an environmentally friendly alternative.

Creates green, mind and imagination-shaping toys entirely personalizable to your child’s preferences, needs and likes. All Sustainable Kids’ Toys improve children’s concentration, patience, and problem-solving skills.

At DisplayBG, we are focused on implementing environmentally friendly processes, promoting energy and resource efficiency, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in all stages of production, design, and manufacturing. 

The latest addition to our innovative selection of high-quality printing machines – the Hanway Revo2500W digital corrugated press – is the future of green advertising. 

DisplayBG uses sustainable, FSC-certified materials in all stages of production. All our operations are guided by meticulous procedures, ensuring the highest quality and attention to the smallest detail in all steps of development and production. 

Our toys enable kids to unlock and unleash their creativity and imagination. Creates green and imagination-shaping toys entirely personalised to your child’s preferences, needs and wants. 

Quick and Easy Assembly
Our displays are extremely mobile and can be easily and quickly assembled within seconds in any retail setting.
Timely Delivery
We have an established network for delivery to submitted address. Every display comes with a durability warranty spanning several years and guaranteeing a long life for the advertising material.

We have rewritten the laws of physics, meeting the requirements of our most ambitious clients! Now, even the biggest floor rack display fits in a “Toyota Ayo”! We are beyond proud of everything we got to accomplish and look forward to all that is yet to come!

Alexander Stoyanov, Design Engineer at DisplayBG

We work on many exciting, new and innovative projects, including exporting more than 500 pallet zones to France. This gave me confidence and reassured me that experience, knowledge, and a whole lot of effort make dreams come true!

Anabell Nikolova, Sales Manager at DisplayBG

In 2023, we added the Hanway Revo 2500W digital print machine to our vast and innovative production site. This machine plays a key role in our sustainable practices. Let us not forget our impressive new gluing machine as well! Thanks to these new additions, this year, we were able to double our productivity and efficiency.

Kristiyan Dimitrov, Project Manager at DisplayBG

Over the course of 2023, I was reminded of just how valuable teamwork is for me. This year passed quickly and was filled with many challenges. I’m grateful for my team and all their support.

Nikolay Tomov, Team Lead at DisplayBG

For me, 2023 was a very special year. I launched a brand new business specializing in the production of children’s toys made entirely of sustainable cardboard. My Toy marks the beginning of responsible, planet-friendly play in Bulgaria.

Zheny Ilieva, CEO at DisplayBG

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