Sustainable Kids' Toys

Sustainable Kids’ Toys and everything you need to know about them:

We are revamping the most popular toy, the playhouse, and turning it into an accessible tool for all the parents out there. Made from recyclable materials and offering responsible, eco-friendly play for the first time in Bulgaria. These toys are everything your child will need.

Wondering what to give to other parents for their child’s birthday? Maybe you want to give your child a gift.

We have you covered:

Our toys allow children to express their authentic nature while learning about color concepts and linguistics and connecting with their parents or guardians.

Parents become more aware of their children’s feelings, thoughts and needs. By playing and engaging with these toys, children become more self-confident and independent. This helps parents to better understand their child’s behaviour patterns.

 Sustainable children’s toys promote children’s concentration, patience and problem-solving skills. The houses are easy to color, paint or build alone or in tandem with others.

In addition, you can enjoy more perks buying our Sustainable kids’ toys:

Firstly, it is no longer necessary to store bulky plastic toys. Instead, enjoy toys that are made of easily foldable cardboard. They can even be put away by a child. The robust material guarantees a long service life.

Secondly, our products develop children’s motor skills, coordination and communication. Instead of spending time in the use of tablets and phones. They can spend time playing and talking to their friends and family.

Finally, sustainable children’s toys are green toys that teach our future generation the importance of recycling and sustainability for our planet. Not only is it a modern solution to a modern problem, but it also shows that we can preserve the world, one little heart at a time.

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