The Learning-Made-Fun Playhouse

The Learning-Made-Fun Playhouse

Your child’s dream at-home classroom. The Learning-Made-Fun Playhouse, decorated with numbers, the alphabet, words, mathematical tasks to solve, and punctuation symbols all help children become more knowledgeable in a fun way. Children become familiar with basic mathematical and linguistic concepts while engaging in creative activities.

This product is designed to engage and inspire children between the ages of 3 and 7.

Product Attributes:
– Creativity, self-expression, and motor skills
– Personalizable
– Recyclable
– Lightweight corrugated cardboard
– Simple and quick to assemble
– Can be folded for storage

The Dream Dollhouse enables kids to unlock and unleash their creativity and imagination. DisplayBG revamps the most treasured toy, the playhouse, transforming it into an accessible tool for all parents out there – a tool that allows parents to become more conscious of their children’s emotions, thoughts, and needs.

DisplayBG creates green, mind and imagination-shaping toys entirely personalizable to your child’s preferences, needs and likes. Our products are made from recyclable materials, introducing responsible, planet-friendly play for the first time in Bulgaria. Our products are super easy to set up, store and preserve. They all make unique gifts as well. With The Dream Dollhouse, children get to express their authentic selves while educating themselves on color concepts, linguistics, and solving basic mathematical tasks.

The Dream Dollhouse improve children’s concentration, patience, and problem-solving skills. While playing and engaging with these toys, children feel more self-confident and independent. All our products are made to better children’s motor skills, coordination, and communication skills as well as their imagination, creative thinking, and self-expression.

Product Details:

Assembled product: W’89 H’100 D’82 centimetres
Packaged assembled product: W’110 H’92 D’5 centimetres
Material Corrugated Cardboard
Digital Print 4C CMYK + Pantone
Finishing Touches High-Gloss or Matt
Additional Materials Upon The Customer’s Request
Packaging Flat Pack
Way Of Unloading Upon The Customer’s Request
Sample 1–2 Working Days
Production Time 10–15 Working Days
Delivery To Submitted Address


The Learning-Made-Fun Playhouse-back
The Learning-Made-Fun Playhouse-central view
The Learning-Made-Fun Playhouse right view
Model name
The Learning-Made-Fun Playhouse
include words and numbers
corrugated cardboard
Load capacity
50 kg
82L x 89W x 100H
no lighting
no sound
Additional Product Information
Digital Print
4C CMYK + Pantone
Flat Pack
Finishing Touches
High-Gloss or Matt
1–2 Working Days
Production Time
10-15 working days
To Submitted Address

The assembly of all of our toys is quick and easy. It takes a couple of minutes or less. Each toy comes with its own set of assembly instructions as well.

Absolutely! The playhouse is designed in a way that lets you effortlessly fold and unfold it whenever you’d like to.

All our products are created to engage and educate children between the ages of 3 and 7.

Yes. We offer complete personalization of all our products. You can add text, colors, patterns, and images in whatever way you wish.

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