Tie Displays

Tie Displays

Tie Displays are constructed primarily from cardboard or other eco-friendly materials, making them lightweight, cost-effective, and easily recyclable. They are strategically placed in high-traffic areas to attract customer attention and promote specific products or brands.

Here are some key features and aspects of the Tie Displays:

: Can be made from corrugated board, metal, wood, and/or various alternatives to plastic.

Versatility: Cardboard ties come in various shapes and sizes, providing versatility in showcasing different products. They can be customized to accommodate a wide range of items, from small merchandise to larger products.

Placement: They can either be added to existing shelves in retail stores and spaces or placed as stand-alone POS materials. 

Structure and size: Cardboard ties typically consist of small rows and/or shelves where products can be stacked.

Sturdiness: Despite being made from lightweight materials, Tie Displays are engineered to be sturdy and capable of holding a significant amount of products. This durability ensures the longevity of the display throughout its time in-store.

Customization: Brands can customize our displays to align with specific campaigns, seasons, or product launches. This adaptability allows for a dynamic and ever-changing in-store presence.

Purpose: The primary purpose of these advertising tools is to highlight and promote specific products within a modern, aesthetically pleasing attachment to any shelf in a retail space and/or store. Cardboard ties attract and engage customers in a unique way.

Quick and easy assembly: Cardboard ties are easy and quick to assemble, allowing retailers to set up and rearrange them in an efficient and hassle-free way.

Impact: By choosing to showcase your products using cardboard ties, you directly influence customer purchasing decisions at the point of sale.

In any retail setting, cardboard ties draw attention to specific products and campaigns and engage customers.

Product Details: 



Material Corrugated Cardboard, Metal, PVC, or Wood
Digital Print 4C CMYK + Pantone
Finishing Touches High-Gloss or Matt
Way Of Unloading Upon The Customer’s Request
Additional Materials Can be added
Packaging Flat Pack
Sample 1–2 Working Days
Production Time 10–15 Working Days
Delivery To Submitted Address
tie display left angle
Tie Display central view
Tie Display red
Model name
Tie Display
with 2 shelfs
corrugated cardboard
Load capacity
10 kg
4L x 4W x 6H
no lighting
no sound
Additional Product Information
Digital Print
4C CMYK + Pantone
Flat Pack
Finishing Touches
High-Gloss or Matt
1–2 Working Days
Production Time
10-15 working days
by car to your house in pieces

Yes. We have an experienced research and development team responsible for delivering the best solution for every brand, suitable for both modern and traditional trade.

We use PDF, AI, and PSD. High Resolution is needed. We offer creative services for the design of all types and kinds of POS materials.

Yes, we have a variety of ready-made die-cut options you can use.

Yes, we can design a project according to your needs.

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