Point of Sale (POS) Displays

Tsvetelin Ganchovski
Tsvetelin Ganchovski
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POS displays can be found in stores, retail spaces, events, offices, etc. They showcase products and/or services by positioning them in a strategic way. In addition to this, POS displays are extremely successful marketing tools. They communicate a brand’s identity and vision in a unique way, reaching target audiences and boosting sales. 

Create a POS display that aligns with the identity of your brand
The design of POS displays goes hand in hand with the marketing message you’re trying to convey. Your brand’s color palette, logo, typography, imagery, and any other elements need to be aligned with the POS display. There are numerous ways for these elements to be unified in a visually appealing way. The key is to communicate the authenticity of your brand and your products and/or services in engaging ways. A conventional display format can be used as well as a customized approach that better aligns with your objectives. Standard displays can include elements guaranteed to connect with your target audiences.

Every POS display can be designed in a unique way
POS displays will most likely be placed in a crowded retail space. To make your POS display stand out, you need to consider the messaging and design. Crafting a visual identity that aligns with your brand while addressing the challenges of in-store visibility is key. If you’re uncertain about this process, our team is here to find ways to optimize the visibility of your POS display.

The message
Defining what the POS display communicates is an extremely important step. Customers need additional information about the products and/or services that are on display to help their decision-making process. This additional information needs to be concise and well-targeted. It needs to not only educate but captivate as well. It needs to make customers curious while providing valuable insights. A touch of creativity, such as wordplay or incorporating inventive themes into your promotional message, will make the advertising approach distinctive and engaging.

Adding interactive elements
Add a QR code to your POS display. Тhis feature enables you to guide customers to a webpage containing details and/or additional promotional content, facilitating their decision-making process. Customers sometimes scan QR codes out of sheer curiosity and become more engaged even if their initial interest in the product showcased on the POS display is limited.

All of the above make POS displays an essential advertising tool that guarantees higher brand and product and/or service visibility, boosting of sales and connecting with target audiences in a high-quality way.

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